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Ranikhet is a supreme holiday for nature lovers and its main attractions; apart from its natural beauty are a golf course, the orchids of Chaubatia and the Jhoola Devi temple. Located at 1829 mts this sylvan move away offers an interesting mix of hill and military cultures. According to Queen of legend and lore, giving the town its name- Rani (Queen) - Khet (Field) lessening in love, with the beauty of the place, she decided to stay and built a palace near what is now the Ranikhet Club. Ranikhet has forest of pine and oak and is a very well place to enjoy a panoramic view of the Himalayas, from the Bhagiriti peaks in the west to the Nanda kot in the east.

The hill station, idyllic in its charm, Ranikhet with its majestic pine trees, is 59.5 kms from Nainital. The flowering plants amaze and confuse, when, different branches of the same plant yield flowers of different colors and varying fragrance. European tourists, over the centuries have, enthused ecstatically over its valley, meadows, cliffs, hills, snow-capped mountains, serpentine rivers and crystal clear rivulets here and there displaying the rainbow. Weaving an immediate spell on the visitor, Ranikhet does not witness the paradox of a "madding" rush of visitors with the onset of summer and the matching departure with the summer's end, but draws visitors all the year round.

Ranikhet travel should include shopping. 'Baal mithai' is a local sweet made up of condensed milk covered with little sugar beads. Another sweet worth tasting is 'Singaudi', which is rich in sugar and ghee. It is better to carry light woolens while visiting this wonderful hill resort. The first aid box is a must while carrying out sports activities like trekking. Comfortable pair of shoes will make your trek easy. These important travel tips will help you have a really good time during your Ranikhet travel journey. Ranikhet travel knowledge promises to be awesome because here you will be able to get pleasure from various activities like sightseeing, shopping, trekking, sports etc. and also taste its magnificent local cuisine.

Best Time to Visit:

March to July

Places of Interest:

Dwarahat: 37 kms from Ranikhet dwarahat is a well-known tourist attraction of Kumaon ones the power centre of the katyuri rulers in 16th century it became a part of chand dynasty and it has 11th century old temples which pull towards you lot of tourist for their beautiful architecture. It has become more known due to attendance of the YOGDA ASHRAM of Swami Yogananadji’s fame

Golf course: It is one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet. Ranikhet golf course is the second biggest natural golf course of the country. It is a nine hole course were rest of nine holes can be frequent. Very close to the golf course is the Kalika temple.

Katarmal (Sun temple): This beautiful temple is a 12 century formation and the ancient idol of Sun God is presently kept at the national museum Delhi this temple is now protected and preserved by the archeological survey of India. Katarmal is about 25 kms from Ranikhet. A beautiful trek leads you to one of the two sun temples of the country, first one being Konark. Now if anyone doesn’t sense like trekking can also drive very close to the temple.

Baijnath Temple: Baijnath is a temple which has a black stone Idol Goddess Parvati which is and beautiful work of art. This place is about 70 kms from Ranikhet in front of Kausani. This place is on the back of river Gomti in the Garuda valley. At this place one can enjoy feeding large number of fishes but don’t get tempted by their size for fishing is strictly forbidden.

Jhula Devi: Is 800 century old temple. Jhula Devi is a temple of goddess Durga. It is said that if a person asks for something he gets it and on completion of his desire ties a bell in the temple. It Very close to Jhula Devi is the Ram Mandir temple of Lord Ram which runs under the close examination of Moni Maharaj.

Dronagiri and Pandavkholi: 52 kms from Ranikhet lies the 1100 century old Dronagiri Temple. It is said that during Ram Rawan battle when Laxman got injured by Meghnath's arrow Hanuman was send to got Sanjiwani Buti from Himalayas on his way back a part of it fell at this place were the present Dronagiri stands. 5kms in front of Dronagiri is the famous cave of Pandavkholi which finds its description in the famous book Autobiography of a Yogi of Lahiri Mahashay fame it is also said that pandavas stayed here during exile, a beautiful meadow stands atop of the hill were pandavas meditated which can be reached by a good mild trek of 4 kms were Path Bhraman Sangh of Ranikhet has setup an ashram for meditation lovers one can go and stay at the ashram. From here one can get a commendable and close view of the Himalayas.

Binsar Mahadev: 15 kms from Ranikhet town lays the Binsar Mahadev Temple which has a gorgeous stream flowing close to it. Apart from a Lord Shiva temple, an ashram, Binsar Mahadev also has a beautiful cedar forest surrounding it.

Hairakhan Temple: 4 kms from Ranikhet Town at Chiliyanaula is the Hairakhan Temple which was well-known by Shri Hairakhan Maharaj who is said to be incarnation of Lord Shiva. One can have a very good valley and Himalayan view from this place. The GD Birla Memorial School is very close to this place.

Chaubattia Garden: Chaubattia Garden is a world famous Apple garden famous for reproduction apples plants one can get apples and other fruits, during fruit season and a stroll amidst apple groves. One can also buy honey and fresh fruit juice from the sales counter at the outlet. A visit to the research laboratory is a worth watch. One can also have a spectacular view of Himalayas from here.


By Air: The nearest airport is Pantnagar 119 kms away.

By Rail: The nearest railway station Kathgodam 80 kms, is directly linked by rail to Lucknow, Bareilly and Agra.

By Road: Jim Corbett: 134 kms, Nanital: 144 kms, Almora: 180 kms: Delhi: 300 kms.

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