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Nagaland is a world apart. Nature resplendent in all her full-bodied glory. Exquisitely picturesque, vibrantly colourful, all lush fertile, the land represents unimaginable beauty, created by nature, to take your breath away... The Nagas, inhabitants of Nagaland, are said to belong to the indo-mongoloid stock, a race whose presence was first noted ten centuries before Christ, at the time of the compilation of the Vedas. Nagaland is bounded by Assam in the west, Burma on the East, Arunachal Pradesh & Assam on the North andManipur in the South. The state consists of seven districts with sixteen tribes & sub-tribes inhabiting it. The Naga tribes are generally full of folklore. They are fond of seasonal songs, solo, duet and choric. Here man has to fight nature all the time. The struggle however, makes people tough. The people here are strongly built, simple, honest and hard working.

Altitude: 1495 meters above sea-level. Main Rivers: Dhansiri, Doyang, Dikhu, Milak, Zungki and Tizu. Highest Peak: Saramati (3877 meters above sea-level). Area: 16,527 Sq. Kms. Tribes: Angami, Aao, Sema, Lotha, Rengma, Chakhesang, Sangtam, Konyak, Phom, Chang, Yimchunger, Khiamungan, Zeliang, Kuki and Pochury. Climate (deg. C.): Summer- Max.31, Min.16. Winter- Max.24, Min.4. Average Rainfall: 250 cms (100). Clothing: Summer- Cotton Tropical, Winter- Heavy Woolens. Languages Spoken: Nagamese, Local dialects, Hindi, English etc.

Best Season: October to May.


Kohima, State Capital & hill station is situated at an altitude of 1495 meters above sea-level. It is a beautiful town presenting wide panoramic views. Mokokchung is the centre of the culture & traditions of the Ao Nagas.

Places of Interest:

War Cemetery, The State Museum Sales Emporium, Cultural Center, Zoological Park, Cathedral, Kohima Village (Bara Basti).


Khonoma village-20 kms, Mokokchung- 160 kms.

Reach -

By Air: Nearest airport Dimapur- 74 kms.

By Rail: Dimapur- 74 kms, the nearest railhead, is directly connected to Guwahati which in turn is directly connected to all the major places. Guwahati - Dimapur.

By Road: Dimapur- 74 kms, Imphal- 145 kms, Guwahati- 390 kms, Shillong- 490 kms, Calcutta- 1,516 kms.


Situated at an altitude of 195 meters above sea-level is the gateway of Nagaland. This flourishing town is also the commercial centre of the State. Dimapur is the main rail-head in Nagaland. Dimapur is the only airport in Nagaland. Indian Airlines operates Boeing services from both Calcutta and Delhi on every alternate day.

Places of Interest:

The Ruins of Medieval Kachari Kingdom, Ruzaphema- 5 kms, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary- 37 kms, Sales Emporium.

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