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Distance Calculator



Distance Calculator  

India covers an area of 3,287,590 sq km and has a coastline of more than 7,000 kms.Himalayan Mountain Range consists of most of the India's northern states. The central and eastern India consists of the fertile Indo-Gangetic plain. The western part comprises of the Thar desert. The southern Indian Peninsula is almost entirely composed of the Deccan plateau. Most popular holiday destinations in India are Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Kerala, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. Because of the great diversifications in the culture, it has a lot to offer to tourists and has state of the art hotels and resorts to make India a luxury travel destination. Indian economy is flourishing because of its Information Technology, Bio Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Business Management, Travel and Tourism, Financial Consultancy, Real Estate, Educational Institutes and Construction sector.

The following distances calculated are air distances i.e., the shortest distance between two places in India. To measure the distance between two places select an originating point and a terminal point then click the Measure button.

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